Commitment to GLP quality standards and GLP environment


Ictyopharma’s commitment to quality enables the performance of studies according to GLP standards. Ictyopharma is in the process of obtaining GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) accreditation from the French government (ANSES).


An independent Quality Assurance partner ensures the management of our quality system. Its main missions are:

  • To follow-up and approve Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s)
  • To programme, conduct and follow up inspections, internal audits, study audits and subcontractor audits for GLP studies
  • To prepare and follow up inspections carried out by the Authorities


The Quality Assurance department carries out inspection of study protocols, as well as experimental phases, raw data and study reports. The Quality Assurance Director validates the study by signing a Declaration of Conformity which is attached to the study report.


Furrthermore, internal quality optimization programmes are conducted every year aimed at continuously satisfying the increasing needs of our customers.


Ictyopharma conducts its studies in accordance with the reference quality standards in force in the countries of our clients:

  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice
  • GLP - Good Laboratory Practice


We have extensive experience with study design, and experimental studies will be conducted according to prevailing regulations and guidelines. Every study procedure must be approved by the French Ministry of Research as well as by an Ethics Committee.


We are

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